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When my cats knead my legs (or chest, or face) I'm pretty sure they're tenderizing me. That way when I die, crazy and alone, I'll be tastier. Or something.

I'm also fairly certain that, considering the number of times they've tried to trip me while I'm getting out of the shower, they're already plotting my death. They just have to work out how to get out of the apartment once I'm dead.

If my keys ever go missing and they figure out what the funny knob on the door thing is, then I might start worrying. Just a little.

Please note that this is a giant distraction from my novel and I really wish I could work forcibly around irrational trains of thought. It isn't good for my work ethic. Since I'm on the topic, I would also like to say that Benedict Cumberbatch is absolutely horrible for my work ethic too. His voice melts my brain and turns my knees into play dough. This note has now turned into another distraction.


affffggghsafdgs. ♥
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"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. Did you just say Dragon?"


"And why are we going to see a Dragon?" Keith could hear hysteria in his aunts voice.

"Because they must be informed of the recent events concerning the Hamilton's deaths. If we tell them what's going on they might lend us their aid."

"Them? As in, you're taking us to see more than one?"

"Yes. They live as a clan."

Keith watched the blood drain out of his aunts face until she was almost as pale as Daniel.

"And at which point during this potential conversation do you think they're likely to eat us?"

"Quite possibly when you tell them the Hamilton's are dead."

"Oh damn."
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In my current novel (you'll probably see bits of it show up here eventually), my side Vampire character has wormed and wiggled his way into becoming a main character. Which is frustrating because I didn't WANT a main vampire character. After the whole Twilight 'OMG! VAMPIRES THAT SPARKLE!' thing, I didn't even want to touch the Vampire button. Then, along came Daniel - almost as old as time and more socially awkward than everyone else. Prone to singing random show tunes and quoting Doctor Who. He's very odd, even by Vampire standards. Considering the Vampires I created for this novel generally stick together and Daniel hid in a crypt for a thousand years, he's ridiculous.

I should have known by now that any character I create is more than capable of doing whatever they please. I clearly didn't learn so now I have to just deal with it.

On top of stubborn characters, it most definitely doesn't help when I have a lap full of kitties. A lap full of kitties is a wonderful thing, but distractions are not, even though it's adorable when said distractions try to help you type.


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